अतिथि देवो भवः

After a terror struck month of examination (that’s why had to stay away from all of you), everything seemed to change…The nippy morning was not that nippy and the languid body was full of vigor as if prepared to give another wave of examination.
My morning started with the all famous bed tea served freshly baked cookies and newspaper. It felt good to meet my long lost chum and at the same time was disgusted to see the same old stories of rape, chain snatching and still continuing “India against Corruption”. Thinking about when my country will change I went for a hot water steamy bath.
Stuffed with sandwiches, I decided to make myself useful. What could have been better than rushing to the “English shopping center”, Delhi-110001. The sun was shining like the gold rate and my list was blotted with novels names. It felt good that this part of Delhi is still green and clean comparative to other places of Delhi.
Still had a lot of time to fritter away, I decided to wander on the streets. With “Born this way” on my lips I set my journey. The English people were buying cheap quality items at a price double or triple. It brought a grin on my face thinking this is the coolest way to take back what we gave away 100 years ago but at the same time felt pity for them and Amir Khan (some may know why?).
Laden with books, I took metro to reach back my home. The metro as usual was jam packed and heater running on full throttle ruined it more. A group of Irish people were also there and many Indian fellows who like to travel on the plate connecting first and second compartment of metro were gazing them. I saw a guy whispering something in his friend ear and side by side caressing one of the Irish lady leg with his shoes, which make her ,me and other little uncomfortable. Seeing my country’s pride getting ruined, it was the time to take an action.
I was in fix what to do and to my surprise my mind lighted up at the correct time. I went near the guy and with a serene look on my face and a heavy tone; I started the conversation with the guy like this:

Me: Buddy, I think your shoes are too dirty, that’s why you cleaning with her “clothes”.
Guy: (little flabbergasted) Is she you friend or your relative, that you are so upset?
The time was right to deliver the dialog that Amir Khan spoke in his advertisement under the banner of “Atithi Devo Bhava”
Me: No, they are our guest!
He stopped his “job” and every one clapped for me.
Take pride!
I was awakened by a push and a person yelling “Sir, get aside I have to get down”. So it was a dream , never the less. My eyes quickly searched for that guy and the Irish group, which were not to be seen. I reached my destination but still thinking about what I experienced in metro.
The world around us is adrift, and we can spy no safe spot to drop anchor, to restrict these vulgarities which are staining our country’s pride just like some stain our monuments with their “Banarsi paan spit”.
Just like dollar getting stronger day by day, this community of evil mentality people is growing. We talk about double digit growth, we talk about corruption, we talk about everything related to our country’s economy but what about our country’s pride?
"Atithi Devo Bhava"
A sip of dignity and country-hood is what we require to have.
Lets make this year an year of change, an year where "The Alchemy" will be to bring change in our population's mentality. Lets make this year, an year where not only our lips but our heart will say:  
अतिथि देवो भवः


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