Murder Mystery-Chapter 8:

Murder is always having a mystery behind it...
Previously on Murder Mystery: Samaera was found dead while Sahil was found negotiating with someone in a dark alley . Samaera's post mortem was going on while media was busy speculating about the murder. Sahil was in a big problem and Ratan was trying desperately to get to prove Sahil as a murderer. Mishra Ji get's the report. Sahil makes a big announcement.

A press conference was lined up for the commissioner of Police, who sat uncomfortably on a chair, cushioned with the red velvet cloth. Standing behind him was Narayan, the head constable and sitting beside him was the man in charge of this case, Mishra. Media was anxiously waiting for the commissioner to speak.

“Good morning everyone, we have got the reports and the reports said exactly what we thought earlier.” said the proud commissioner, as if he had solved the murder mystery.

“But, what does the report say sir? We have heard Sahil Kapoor is the person behind this murder.” Ratan was there too, he had an agenda in his mind.

“By ‘We’ you mean just you, right? Sahil Kapoor is a big business man and targeting him without any proofs will be wrong on our point. I will suggest the same to you all to stay away from him until something comes up. Anyway, the report suggested that the Samaera died due to suffocation caused by rope strangulation and later stabbed by a Swiss made knife. We are still trying to find, the people behind this heinous crime and your support is paramount.” Mishra Ji spoke, this time, minding his word in front of the media.

“According to you, whom you think can be behind the murder, if not Sahil? I mean, Samaera was not known to be a social person after their marriage.” asked another reporter, though the question was passed on to him by Ratan only.

“She belongs to a very powerful business family, it could be anyone. We are working on it and will soon come up with the list of people whom we think can be behind this murder. You don’t have to worry, it’s our job, and you do your job of writing.” Mishra Ji raised his voice.    

Before any other questions could be raised, commissioner and Mishra Ji took the back exit to leave. There were a lot of noises in that auditorium, though Ratan sat silently gazing the now empty podium.


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