Cook your own food:

A beautiful chicken salad
Reading this the first thing that comes to mind is “Eh! Yet another food blogger and yet another self-proclaimed chef.”  Ok, I got it. First, I was thinking to get into this domain too, as I am experimenting a lot with food and I am in love with it nowadays and second, well…forget it, don’t call me a chef.

I will talk both literally and figuratively about this heading I have chosen, which sounds little ambiguous and for few it might sound time waste too, I won’t blame you for this thinking, we human beings have been nurtured like this, if something trivial comes up, we know it will eventually waste our precious time, in which we anyway are building flying cars, a next generation fuel or even planning a trip to Mars and thinking about settling there, as anyway the air in China and India are now costing few dollars and is exported from the Andes mountain and Canada.

Cooking your own food is convenient, fun and cognitive, cheap, and least of all healthy (Ah! Finally you start getting my PJs :P). The new research proves that cooking your own dinner can give you a healthy lifestyle, a slimmer waistline and shining skin. There are few things which can happen here:

  • You are too lazy to cook yourself a three-course meal and you settle with one, which means you involuntarily controlled your portion and hence saved yourself from extra food that goes in your cute little tummy.
  • You save money as you can actually buy the things you want to have and in the potion you want to have. You can buy in bulk and in sales which happen every weekend or every month starting. You consume the best things available, as you won’t buy yourself something bad, stale and not up to your eating standards.
  • The taste you develop also improves your cognitive abilities. Your body works accordingly, your mind becomes sharp towards certain things and most importantly cooking food can be really fun during free time and can actually destress you.
  • You loved it so much, that you start experimenting with food, and become a participant of Master Chef <your country name> and start your food chain and become successful. Ok, it sounds all dreamy but everything is possible in this world. (Something? A little smile? Ah! C’mon, am I that bad?)

Yummy affair: The South African T20 team captain Faf Du Plessis has a legend going around that he loves to cook his own food, whether pasta or salad and then sits on a table with a straight back and enjoys the flavor of the food, without the intervention of the inventions of human both digital and print.  When you do that, your brain concentrates on the nutrients you are having and has the only single job to do i.e. pushing these nutrients to the part which requires the most.

Let’s talk about something deep now (Worse than a chocolate dipped deep fried donut, right?). Cook your own food can be translated into something like do something which you want to do, not what other serve you on a plate.

Cricket again: Virat Kohli, the Indian test team captain, known for his aggression and his swearing rights. There were people, who said that this guy won’t stay for long, he is just 20 and his attitude is something of a legend might have. But, he proved everyone wrong. He is a run machine, breaking all records and setting new records to be broken. He translated his aggression to his motivation and then his motivation into his performance.

I am not saying be like him, but be what you are. Listen to people, they might give you some valuable information, but do what your heart and brain tells you to do. Be the scuba instructor you always wanted to be, open the adventure sport zone you always wanted to open, drink and pass out if you ever wanted to do (I won’t advise it, bad hangover…seriously), play the instrument you want to play, go for the trip you wanted to go and people stopped you. It’s cool when people care about you, but, there are people who don’t and are just envious and don’t want you to follow your dream, your passion, and your thought. So #DontStop #LiveYourLife #DiscoverYourPassion #DiscoverNewInYou



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