Chennai- The land of water:

Chennai flooded...Asks for Help!
100 years record broken, reads the marquee line of a local news channel here. It’s been 42 hours of rain and still the water is coming down from the heaven on this beautiful haven. Nature sometimes tests human endurance, patience and keeps one finger on human’s panic button. Its like- you move and I press.

Water-Water everywhere, but don’t know how many people have water to drink right now. Whether they have food to eat, or rather survive and can they still access clean toilets (looks unlikely in most of the places, which are submerged under the water). Electricity looks like was never discovered and the people who have some bulbs twinkling over their head are the most lucky ones, I guess (an over statement though).

I see the roads, which were once ridden by bikes and cars are now canals for boat rides. I can see my society where I slept two days ago, now a small reservoir. The walls built to mark our territory are now asking- “Why we were built, if we have to suffocate under this salty water now?”

We walked through that water, holding our bags on our head, just like Vasudev held lord Krishna on his head to cross the holy river. I remembered the scene from the movie Tum Mile, which catered the Mumbai flood. The only difference was here there was no swimming pool to shoot and light effects to glorify the things happening around us.
Only ride which is safe now

I used to joke with my friends that-“I will come to office in boxers one day” and now I feel why I even thought about such a lame joke as now I sit in the office, with only a pair of boxer and hoping that our flat doesn’t welcome water inside. Things which were once trivial, are luxury now; instant noodles, biscuits, a small bottle of water, everything seems like a piece of gold now.
The highway in front of our office is now a river, on which water wave crash the sidewalks, when a vehicle passes. People are marooned at the airport, buses won’t leave there safe haven and trains are waiting for water to recede, so that tracks can be seen. People seem helpless, though asking about each other’s health and safety, knowing they can’t do much. India’s taxi aggregator-Ola is now providing boats to help people, Zoomcar providing cars to take people to hospital if required and well we can’t forget our Navy who is working day and night to save stuck people.  Seeing them work, respect comes for these people, who don’t take care about small issues like “intolerance”, “lynching on beef”, “secularism”, and have their priorities set, to save people at any cost.

I am honoured to be a part of such a great land and I believe in one thing, whatever the politics mean to these politicians, this land is as much theirs as ours and I hope that they will help those who really require help, without thinking about anything, just like our forces.

I am safe here and I pray for everyone’s safety. Let the world know that we are together, and will swim through this pool of water. Let Chennai swim through this danger and reach a safe land.

#LetsDiveToSafety #DiscoverSafetyToday....


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