9 Ways to be successful

Last night, I made myself comfortable on my bed, switched on my laptop and started watching “The wolf of Wall street” for the 17th time. The more I watch this movie, the more the urgency comes to do something with my life. There is something Jordan Belfort said, which hangs on my desk at office:

“I want you to back yourself into a corner. Give yourself no choice but to succeed. Let the consequences of failure become so dire and so unthinkable that you’ll have no choice but to do whatever it takes to succeed.”

There are 9 things which you can do then taste success in your life:

1. Sleep: Yes sleep, sleep is the most important activity of someone’s daily routine. Sleep compresses the data your brain is carrying for whole day and makes way for new things for downloading next day. A good sound six hour sleep is must. So take your first step and dream about being something.

2. Don’t squeeze 25th: We only have 24 hours to manage and do our activities. There are few people who can squeeze 25th hour in a day, but that’s just a myth or may be there watch is an hour fast. Don’t take your tablet with you to your bath or magazines to your commode. That’s the best place where ideas are generated, so don’t divert your mind.

Now you are fresh and cleaned up. Let’s take another step.

3. Time is precious: Out of 24 hours, you have taken six hours of sleeping and an hour to get ready for the day. Which leaves you with seventeen hours, 1020 minutes or if you are a good mathematician then 61200 seconds. Give little time to plan your day. Most of the time hourly breakup is enough, but if your every minute counts then your time sheet can be divided into minutes too.

4. Prioritize your work: This is told again and again, but how many times we follow that. Most of the time, we don’t. Pick up your time sheet, having your work listed for the day and give rating to each work for the importance it carries. If buying milk from the shop if the most important thing for the day, give it 10 star rating.

Wow, now your time and work has been prioritized. You are set for the day.                   

5. Don’t procrastinate: Procrastination is the biggest time killer. We never realise, how much time we have wasted in procrastinating the thing. If the priorities are set, then pick your ass and start working on them. Sitting on the couch won’t get that work done. Efforts are required for everything and success comes when efforts are there.

6. Take things in your hand: Your success in your hand, whatever people say, this will remain the fact. Dependency is created when you let it be created. Take actions in your hand and work on that. Even if the work is dependent on someone, be a nice motivator and get it done.
Now, you are the master of your own, time for some leisure time.

7. Pick a hobby: Pick one or two hobby, depending upon the time you have. Each hobby teaches you something and some hobby takes you the place, where you always wanted to be. Maybe you are great musician, but still slogging 9 hours in front of your laptop, coding for some firm. Take a break and explore this hobby, maybe it will make you more content and successful than the hundred lines of codes you have written.

8. Job creator is better than job seeker: If you think working for someone is not your cup of tea and there is something you can give it back to your society, just quit and work on that. Create jobs, be your own boss and explore the possibilities. Maybe you fail few times, but each failure teaches you a way to succeed and how not to fail again. Hug the hardship for now to have a sweet taste of success later. And, this thing can be your hobby too.

Now, most of the things are covered only one is left.

9: Repeat: Yes repeat the above stuffs, but also try to mix and match with some new things to avoid monotony. Monotony kills creativity and creativity is important to live zombie free life. No one can be perfect, but practice makes the man successful.

Keep these things in mind and grow every day. Don’t repent in future and be proud of what you did today, when you see back in time.

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