Toilets as starters:

India's own campaign
If you are hungry then this is not a theme restaurant you are searching for :P
Its been long, since I have published something and I won’t tell you story behind it, atleast this time. Today I read an article in The Hindu (not showing how intellectually advanced I am :P), about how different can Swachh Bharat Abhiyan be from what we perceive.

A woman is known by her clothes, a man by his shoes and a community by its toilet, if I am allowed to say this. A country which is rising day in and day out, thanks to a very dynamic and really hyper active Prime Minister; who has become a trending topic on Twitter and Google (Most stupid PM controversy included), thanks to his visionary schemes- “Digital India”, “Skill India”, “Make in India” and Swachh Bharat Abhiyan (I could have used “Clean India”, but this could have killed the essence of this scheme). Though others have brought in laurels for him and the country, Swachh Bharat Abhiyan is something which looks good on paper but worst in reality.

A country which is now becoming a country of investments, funds influx and many such financial terms, doesn’t have ways to provide enough water to existing toilets let alone building new ones. The Toilet stinks and the public walls are painted because the canvas of these public toilets are already bloated with the ancestors of these painters which still are not cleaned, as water is not there.
Clean toilets are as important as the population of these toilets. Restructuring of this “Starter” is required. The sink counts, water quantity per toilet, commode counts etc has to be thought about. Lets start with main market (having malls, restaurants and bars) areas where the crowd is more and are more likely to use toilets and then lower down to places where population density is less or expected less to say the least. It requires a proper planning and off-course money, as I am expecting little will be shifting to Swiss banks till the bill for black money is also passed.

The main course and Desserts for Swachh Bharat Abhiyan can wait while first lets start with a nice but a heavy starter.
Your mission if you chose to accept to let me know what else can be served with this starter?
And Don’t hate me if I missed something, it’s you who have to think as I always say:

A thought lost is a change lost :)


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