Shor in the city

AC was running on full blow, and I was literally shivering while having a cup of coffee in left hand, right hand busy scrolling down the inbox and eyes scanning the subject line of each e-mail. It’s been six days I have joined in this company and it feels like ages have gone by.

I came here three months back with three bags containing my clothes, accessories and my documents and a body full of dreams and enthusiasm. It felt nice earlier. The independent lifestyle I was living, making new friends, meeting new people and doing things which I liked and when I liked. The sun was harsh, but the sea had a soothing effect. The silence of sea was deafening, the ship used to tease me with the ease it travelled through rhythmic wave.

Now when I sit in front of my laptop screen, I realise everything has turned monotonous. Waking at six; begging god for few more minutes of sleep, getting ready for office, having a glass of milk and leaving with a hope that I won't miss the local train today.

People here look frustrated. A constant anger can be sensed in their voice. Few must have fought with their wives, few must be worried about their children’s future, few must be stressed because of job they are doing and few just because they want to be frustrated, I guess.

Now I feel where have I come?

The cool breeze of the morning, the hot cup of tea in the morning, my mom fighting for not having breakfast, my dad scolding me to drive safe, my sister wishing for pack of doughnut when I return from college, my friends expecting me to be on time and my music waiting for getting plugged in my ears...everything is gone now.

I live in a place where the day starts with seeing the wall clock and ends with seeing the wall clock. I am in a city, with no ends and I can now sense the “Shor in the city”.

People call it the city of colours; I call it the Indian IT hub-Chennai...


  1. Ha ha, you totally nailed it this time. Funny in a different way ;)
    Welcome to the corporate world, let's see how you hold up now.... :D

    1. I am also checking that out only..till when I can hold up :D


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