I wish you were here:

 I stretch my arms to touch the pillow, which lies near me, lifeless just like the night when I gaze the ceiling, the fan slowly rotating on its axis and creating a magnificent effect of dim light, which is peeping through the window on the left of my bed. Tears running down my eyes, my cheeks are wet and so is my pillow. Dreams have dried up; just the pain still trying to stitch the wounds residing in my heart, solitude has engulfed me and the night being its perfect partner.

I remember, your lips touching mine and you whispering in my ear to sleep, knowing that we won’t sleep. While I caress your bare back, I hear you moan slightly and could sense heavy breathing on my neck as your hands tried to explore my hair. We were wrapped in a white sheet, just to hide ourselves from ourselves, wishing the night would never end. You would slowly drift to my right, still kissing me over my neck, and telling me things will turn out better. I would gaze in your lovely eyes, searching for the answers to the questions I never asked. A timid smile would come on your wet lips; a little shyness could be sensed.

Now it’s all gone, it’s your essence which teases me. The voice you used to make when we made love, the smile that used to come on your lips in the morning, the whispering in my ear wishing me good morning, the complains you used to lodge about my beard, the naughtiness I used to shower in the name of massage and you always used to twitch a little bit due to the tingly effect of my fingers. The manner in which you used to calm down my thoughts, the manner in which you used to make me understand the things which I never understood, the manner in which you used to lie on me; holding my legs tight between yours, the manner in which you used to kiss away my tears. I still remember everything, every moment.

Now you are gone, twinkling in the stars guiding me through the roads I am scared to take. I just wish you were here...I just wish you were here...


  1. This is beautiful.... Words you have chosen brings the feel in your writing....keep writing more of such beautiful posts....

    1. Thanks Manish for the kind words and inspiring me to write more! :)


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