Lost virginity: The mishap

If you have forgotten what happened earlier or haven't read till now...I will suggest you go through these three chapters first:
1.The encounter

So, now you are ready to roll.....

Boarding a train at Kashmere gate has always been a heck of a task; and becomes even more difficult when you are accompanied by a woman. I was literally pushed inside the compartment and to my amazement people paved a comfortable space for the lady in black. ‘Bloody perverts, but then they are not perverts as they didn’t try to feel her body.’ She was a fallen angel much beautiful then the blondes and brunettes of Axe ads.
“Can I ask you something?” she asked while entering the metro.
“Yes you can but first let me create some space for my extra curvaceous body.” I said jokingly.
I got some space to put my legs; I didn’t want to spoil my shoes as it takes too much calories to clean them and I am too lazy for it. People were gazing at me as I was the pumpkin alien from the Akshay Kumar’s flick Joker.
“Now I am settled please ask whatever you want to ask.” I said hesitantly due to ‘Can I ask you something’ phobia.
“Was I too loud at that time?” trying to link back to that conversation with her ‘BABU<3’.
“When...I mean that conversation time? Nah...Nobody heard it about that...It was like a silent movie.”  I said as if I was running from the facts.“Oh God, thanks, I thought I blurted out too loud in my anger. By the way you are a really nice person...but still I am confused about one thing...err” she stopped deliberately trying to find some words.
“C’mon say it fast...I want to get down also on the next station and I don’t like stopping conversation in between.” I said sounding a little irritated. It might have been due to the crowded metro or her dumb but cute expressions.
“How can one be so frank to someone without knowing someone completely? I mean the way you said that...I mean it sounded quite odd but soothing...err...comforting.” her eyes were moist and a certain tone change could be felt easily.
“Ya...You don’t know that I was one of the contestant in super dude show hosted by Ashmit?” I said with a grin and showing a “glass full of confidence”.
The time had come to get down from train and to take another train to my final destination, my uncle’s home. “So now can I take your leave?” I said with full courtesy.
“Ya sure dear, but not before I get your number.” Her bag was under her hand scan in search of her phone.
‘Oh man! She is running to fast...Lady Milkha Singh’ my heart pounding faster than the moment I was breathless.
The mishap had occurred...solution: Undiscovered...


  1. Your last pic of this blog is what I am feeling right now.
    Difference is that I am excited to know, not irritated..
    Good going.

    1. Ya I also excited to write the next one. I hope you and others like that too.


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