अंतरजाल का जाल

“Oh man! I again forgot my BlogSpot passwordL”. This usually happen with me as I am not that frequent in writing my articles. This story remains the same everywhere. I still remember a tale my grandfather told me about Ali Baba and 40 thieves. In which Kasim forgot a very simple password “Khul ja Sim Sim” and lost his life.
But that time was not that complex like today. Kasim didn’t have to learn the password of his Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, BlogSpot and email account password. Today’s generation require socializing at its highest level.  Today they can live without food for a day, but will feel suffocated if Facebook status is not updated by them as “Har ek friend zaroori hota hai”.
Today each site tries really “hard” to secure you. They demand for long passwords which include alphanumeric keys and really funny characters like #,* and $. Such characters are easy to be forgotten then remember. They don’t stop here only, some sites have that really “sophisticated software” that they call “password strength-o-meter” and you try everything to hit the red zone of it.
Usually I have seen people have tendency to use their girlfriends name as their password. If the relationship is successful she becomes your wife, else you are happy with her name as your password.
Example: Email ID: mature_man@gmail.com.
                 Password: ********** (sorry can’t tell J). OK OK telling… “kalawati34”.
I mean will that email ID service provider will provide you some extra benefits like more storage, faster delivery or receiving. This is pathetic.
Sorry for digressing from the issueJ.
Ya so I was telling about so many sites and password mania. Now you will ask: “what’s the big deal, we will have same password for the all the sites.” This is the best thing but these sites except socializing us have one more motto in their being “Don’t make users life easy”. They will regularly demand change in password to keep you “secured”.
The best thing you can do is open Ms Word: write all the account details and then blubber “OH! F**k man, I wish I can be loner! “.
 Now I have to go as my exams are near and still I haven’t bought my books. I wish whenever I write my next article, I remember my BlogSpot password.


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    1. Thanks rahulkumar07..I hope will continue to give me feedback and topics idea you want to read. :)

  2. impresive !! :) keep up the gud work !!

    1. Thanks sir :)
      I hope you continue to red my posts :)


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